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Change of Season


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Been fairly busy these last couple of weeks!  The days are just flying by here for us.  Which, I suppose, is a good thing.  We’ve definitely gotten into a great schedule and rhythm.

Oldest is loving chemistry!  Here’s another hands on lab we did.  Well, ok, more like hubby did with her.  :)

That’s a heatsink that hubby used to demonstrate conduction.

With the two littles I’ve been doing more on each season.  We talked more in depth about Autumn and discussed the harvest time.  We made an apple tree:

Which led to our annual Apple Orchard field trip with our homeschool group.

After Autumn we talked at length about Winter and how animals prepare ….discussed migrating and hibernating.  Read lots of books on the subject to them!  Here’s a couple of crafts we did:


Such easy, simple, and fun craft ideas!

I’ve also been using Handwriting Without Tears, My First School Book with the twins and they absolutely love it!  I am truly impressed with this book!  It is so simple and so fun!  My girls actually ask to do their “school book”.

Some days they just aren’t interested, so I do not push it onto them.  I’ve noticed that if I just follow their lead, it makes such a difference in the loving to learn department!

Next up:  Halloween!  This was a request from my oldest and dear hubby.  They’d like some Halloween decor` in the house, so I went ahead and put on hold at the library some fun Halloween books and we’ll go ahead and do some fun crafts and maybe bake some treats to go along with it.  Get us in the mood for the spooktacular month ahead!

Chugging Along


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Routine has been absolute key in making homeschooling three a success!  The first week was very hard for both myself and the kids.  The second week was better and now we’re smooth sailing!

This past week we concentrated on learning about the seasons.  The girls loved the books I chose from the library on this topic and we did a lot of crafting, cutting, pasting, etc.!

I am seeing an improvement in cutting, which is definitely better than last year when I felt I had to duck under the table in fear of injury lol

Here’s a pic of our 4 Seasons trees:

We will be continuing to discuss seasons in the next week but will be talking more about Autumn, our upcoming season!  Then I think we’ll move on to Winter and discuss hibernation.

Here’s our fine motor skill activity:  painting an Autumn tree with a Q-tips!

The girls really look forward to school!

As for my oldest she is doing great in all her subjects!  She is loving etymology and we’ve started Soaring with Spelling Level 6!

We skipped a level because the words were just too easy and I wanted to challenge her, so level 6 it was.

Chemistry is going great!  We got gifted these two amazing books and I very much recommend them if you’re doing Chemistry:

We read a lot about the history of Chemistry in the DK Eyewitness book and will be using the Elements book quite a lot as we proceed in our studies.

The oldest has also been learning how to sew!  She got a very cute sewing kit from her aunt and uncle and so we sat down together and I taught her the basics.  She pretty much made this plush hedgehog all by herself!

Here’s to another wonderful week!

Dinosaurs & Chem


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We had a spectacular week learning about dinosaurs!  The little ones now know that dinosaurs are not a creature you could see at the zoo lol   We talked about extinct animals and did some awesome hands on crafty-goodness!

The bottom left corner pic is from my oldest’s chem lab work.  We were learning about water  molecules and were trying to determine whether the temp of the water would accelerate the two dye drops we put in and cause it to mix.  Results were really neat!

We’re trekking along in all our subjects and the twins are loving our theme weeks.  This week we’ll be discussing the seasons and we’ll be spending some extra time on Autumn.  Fun fun!

Pin It

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It has been a long and exhausting week for this momma!  Seriously don’t know how people homeschool more than three!  Homeschooling three was hard.  

My day started out well and strong.  But keeping the attention of two four year olds and keeping them quiet when working with the oldest was quite a struggle.  I do not want them to be babysat with the tv so I kept them engaged with legos, coloring, a preschool workbook, etc.  Keeping them engaged and quiet was really a challenge!  I decided to bribe them with stickers.  Yes, I’m bad.  But stickers are cheap and it made them happy, me happy, and the oldest happy!  So stickers it was.

We decided to try our hand at weekly themes.  I’ll probably run out of ideas soon.  That, or get totally burned out and need to take a week off! lol  We’ll see how it goes.  One week at a time :)

This week was our ocean theme.  We had a lot of fun with this!  I went to the library and took out some really neat books with colorful pictures of the ocean and ocean life.

Once the oldest and I wrapped up some work together, she had some independent work she could do.  I left her in the school room and joined the twins in the kitchen (somewhat open floor plan so I could see everyone no matter where I was, which helped tremendously!).  I pulled out one of our books from the library and we read it together.  We talked about the ocean, taught them some new concepts, etc.  Then we pulled out some supplies to work on some fun hands on craft/projects that would help with their fine motor skills, as well.

We did an awesome starfish with oatmeal!  Because their cutting is not quite that good, I went ahead and cut the starfish for them.  They glued it on the blue (ocean!) paper and colored the starfish.  Then I had them put glue on the line of the starfish.  It was a challenge putting glue only on the line lol  but they did well!  And then they got to pour oatmeal on the glue to give the starfish some texture.  I think it turned out rather cool looking!

Found some extras for them to add; some felt fish and something that we called seaweed.  They loved this project!  They now want to put oatmeal on everything lol

The next day we created an ocean in a bottle.  I found this idea online.  It can be done in several different ways, but this is how ours turned out:

We used baby oil instead of vegetable oil because our veg oil was too yellow.  Oldest and I tried this one afternoon, the day before the twins would be doing it, to see how it would turn out.  We realized that the yellow was kinda icky.

We pretty much filled up the bottle with half water, then dropped in stones and foam fishies I cut up for this project.  Then we put in lots of silver glitter and then poured oil till the tippy top.  You can put some glue on the cap or around the cap to seal it well.  The glitter stays between the water and oil so it looks like white foamy waves when you tilt it back and forth.  It really is neat!  We didn’t have seashells and sand to add, but I bet it’d look really amazing if you were to add some of that to your ocean bottle.  This was a definite hit with the girls!

We also went ahead and painted some styrofoam bowls to make our cute jellyfish!  We added streamers and curling ribbons at the ends.  My oldest wanted to join us for this so we ended up with six jellyfish!

They look really neat hanging in our school room:

Now we can’t forget my oldest!  Here she is practicing her typing skills

We’ve also been doing Chemistry.  Now that’s a lot of fun and a lot of work for me.  I find myself researching the night before on what to do, how to teach, etc.  Chem is not a favorite subject of mine and since I’m not using any specific curriculum, this is really lots of work for me.  I have found a lot online, though, and am pulling material from what free resources I can find to teach this subject.

Here she is doing a water molecule experiment

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not but she has proclaimed that she likes this subject.  Well, I guess it is good.  But this momma has a lot of researching on the subject to keep her interested!!

And then there’s a whole new subject that I am doing with my oldest.  Etymology.  Yep, you read right.  I figured it would strengthen her vocabulary and give her the tools she’ll need down the road.  She is an avid reader and I wanted to find something that I could do to help enhance language arts in a fresh and fun new way.

Yep, I actually sat down and put together something for this subject.  I’ve been typing up some examples/definitions of the most commonly used words and we’ve been working through this together.  I’m also using several different online resources for this and it seems to be working really well for us!  And she actually admitted it’s kinda fun -GASP!  lol  It’s kinda like decoding words and since she loves things like Perplexors, this was right up her alley.

(click on image to enlarge!)

So that pretty much wraps up our first official full week here!  Yes, there were more subjects covered with the oldest but this momma is very much ready for the weekend and so will talk more about it another time!

I’m trying to gear up for the next week.  For the little ones, dinosaurs here we come!  :)