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It’s been forever —

March 10, 2012 | No Comments

–since I last posted! A lot has changed. Here’s what we’re currently using: Growing with Grammar level 3 -we’re halfway through the book and she says it’s really fun, so that’s good! Handwriting Without Tears cursive success -we completed the first cursive book so now it’s just a matter of practice, practice! Almost done with our McGraw […]

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Handy Dandy Essentials

June 5, 2011 | No Comments

Here’s a list of some things I feel is handy to have for homeschooling:   laminate machine  -handy in so many ways!  I have made my own flash cards, multiplication cards, ABC cards…  very handy dandy to have around! printer/scanner or photocopy machine lots and lots of paper!  I don’t buy lined paper.  I print […]

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Typing Program

April 25, 2011 | No Comments

So we’ve been doing the Type 2 Learn (by Sunburst) for a month.  They offer a free trial.  My girl enjoyed it the first few times, but then I could tell she just wasn’t interested in doing it.  When our trial ended, I did not go and purchase it. I asked her what about it […]

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The Journey

April 10, 2011 | No Comments

For the 1st grade, I went hunting ebay and amazon for good gently used books we could use for schooling.  I found some.  A mod podge of books, really.  When someone asked what curriculum I was using I would feel kinda embarrassed to say that I kinda put something together as opposed to using Sonlight, […]

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