My name is Heather and I am a secular homeschooling momma.  I am schooling my oldest girl who is fifteen and my two little nine year old girls.

This blog will be about my journey in homeschooling my girls and what resources I find useful for us (as well as journaling every day life!).  I know that when I first started out researching homeschooling, I was overwhelmed with all the information available.  Overwhelmed, scared, and even a bit confused as to where to start and what material to use for my daughter.

And I won’t lie!  There were days that I wavered as to whether this was the right thing to do.  My husband is very supportive and that helped tremendously!  In fact, it was I that was on the fence and he was all for it.  Finally, after much thought and deliberation we decided to put my daughter in kindergarten twice a week for half day so I could ease into homeschooling during the other days.  I have to say, I didn’t look back after that!!

When we had a parent teacher conference I was blown away by what I learned.  I was using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and was succeeded quite well in teaching my daughter how to read.   Although the teacher noticed my kid was ahead of the others, she just wasn’t able to encourage and offer the attention required to help my kid keep going.  There were far too many children in the class that were nowhere near ready to read and she had to keep the rest at their pace.  It was frustrating and simply proved to me that you cannot cater to the needs of every child in a twenty-some kid class.  My daughter was bored and was losing interest fast!

So we decided to homeschool full-time.  Full-time became a way of life!  In everything we did we noticed it was a learning experience!

I could be baking and she would help me with the measuring out of the flour, sugar, etc.  She was picking up on things, on how we were writing up a budget, noticing details on how we chose to spend our money.  In every aspect of our life, we noticed it could be taken as a learning opportunity and experience.  Having her home with us enabled us to give her the tools she would need in life.  We were able to feed her with knowledge and opportunities she wouldn’t have been able to receive in a school system.

Finding a local support network was the hardest thing of all.   I was quite saddened to see that most all of the people were very religious and were schooling with a biblical curriculum.  Although I have nothing against schooling in this way, this was not our way.  We are not associated with any organized religion, nor are we religious in any sense of the word.  We are strictly secular and hope to teach our daughters to be logical, rational, scientifically explorative individuals.  We also hope to raise our girls to be tolerant, understanding, respectful of all walks of life, of all religions.  We will learn, research, explore all cultures, religions and ways of life.  That is my hope and my goal for our family.

Thank you for stopping by our little place on the ‘net!

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