Winding down

Spring is (finally!) in the air!  Grass is green, flowers are blooming, and allergies are kicking me hard!

Fond Farewell to our Painted Lady Butterflies

This is the time of year that we slow down in the schooling department.  We do school year round but tend to be far more lax this time of year.

Science is anything the kid wants to read up on.  It can include documentaries, books, anything in the science field.  Her pick!  We completed Chem and co-op Chem.  I do, however, hope to go over this subject again but will wait till she’s a wee bit older so we can go more in depth.

American History we keep reading together.  Sometimes she reads a chapter on her own and then tells me all about what she’s read.

Writing -she is mostly writing her own fan fiction and I am totally cool with that!   I told her my goal is to start Writing With Skills soon.  Really soon.  But we’ll see!

Math -no change.  That is one subject the kid cannot halt in any way.  She continues a new topic each day, reviewing old topics, and then is doing random assigned reviews on older topics.  Takes her about 25-30 minutes.  So not much time and not too hard.

Grammar -ugh.  A lot of it is redundant right now so she is doing lots of independent review.  I may need to re-evaluate what we’re using.  It appears to be too easy -her words, not mine.  So we’ll see.  But for the Springtime it’s perfect.  Better to review than have to backtrack due to forgetting stuff.

Spelling is independent work, as well.  She alternates days in which she does grammar and spelling.  When it’s time for a ‘test’, I will quiz her on her words.  Nine times out of ten she gets them all correct so it’s smooth sailing here.

Mosdos Press is one thing I make sure to sit with her and we work on a story a week and manage to complete all the work that goes with it within that week.  I may need to take a break from it here and there due to a big project that is coming up (more on that later!!!).

We’re also doing Composers -very very easy.  Read a couple of pages on a new composer each week and listen to the music.  The book came with a CD but it only has very small pieces of each composers work, so we end up looking up online for longer pieces to listen to.  It’s been fun and non-stressful!  I just want my oldest to be familiar with famous composers.

Art -she does art on her own.  She has a neat art book, although she is very creative so some days she just does her own thing and that’s awesome!

Language -we’re doing two.  She’s doing Spanish with Duolingo.  It’s totally free and she’s absolutely loving it!  She does it every day for a few minutes.  We’re also doing Latin together.  It’s getting tougher so we’re going slow and doing a lot of reviewing to make sure she remembers it.  The grammar aspect of it all is starting to be challenging.

And my newly kindergartners.  I cannot believe I have two little kindergartners!  Where has the time gone!?  We’re really, and I mean really lax with them.  Following their interest and hoping to nurture a natural love for learning.  Towards the end of Summer I’ll try to have more prepared for them and do weekly themes and be more structured.  For now, with Spring/Summer starting it’ll be hard to do so we’re just taking it day by day.  If they request to do “writing” or “math” or anything, I’ll pull out said book and we work on stuff together.  Lots of coloring, crafting, etc. in the meantime.  Keeping it fun!

Hope you all enjoy Spring!