ALEKS Math Review

I posted a review over at the for ALEKS math a while ago.  I thought I would post it here, too, on my blog along with an update since more time has past since I posted my initial review.

Here’s the review:

Member Ranking – Extremely Positive 

We’ve been using it for two years now (Grade level 3 and 4 with QuickTables) and will be continuing on to Grade level 5 in a few short weeks.

This is an amazing program that has helped my daughter master her multiplication through its QuickTables.

This program can be used independently by the child but you can choose to sit with your child (as I’ve been doing!) and work with them. We sit together and choose a topic or two to do a day. We hit explain several times till I feel my child gets it, then she enters the answer all on her own the next few times till the program says she has mastered it and can move on.

What we really love about ALEKS is how all the topics in the grade are divided into a pie-chart. The child can choose what they’d like to learn that day! More pieces open in each pie when they’ve completed a prerequisite piece. It’s really fun seeing how much of the pie is complete each day as she progresses!

The program is also intuitive enough to know when to have the child take an assessement. If the child needs to relearn a topic, it simply re-opens the piece in the pie and she can re-learn it when she wants. Your child won’t move forward till s/he knows it well!

You can also assign worksheets and quizzes from the parental login and that has been a great asset to have!

We’ve had such amazing results and are really pleased with ALEKS math for our child!


  • QuickTable mastery of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Reviews done automatically everyday on previous days topics to ensure she has retained and understood the material learned.
  • Games
  • Intuitive Assessment
  • Quizzes you can assign
  • Worksheet printables
  • Under the master login, you can view progress reports and progress reports also get emailed to you to keep you updated.

We’re actually currently doing Middle School – Grade 6 with ALEKS.   So this makes it our fourth year with ALEKS and we still absolutely love using ALEKS for math.  Although this is geared towards the child to independently learn and do the work, I opt to still sit with her.  I am, essentially, re-learning algebra!  See?  Never too old to learn!  And that is what I keep telling my kid.  I didn’t quite get it when I learned it all the first time around so here I am re-learning it.  And I am actually getting it!!  So I am indeed rather proud of myself :)

But getting back to my daughter -she is quite capable of doing this alone at this age, but I also like that we work together.  We just keep hitting “explain” until she gets it and then does all the next examples on her own till the program says she has mastered it.  This method works great for us!

I definitely plan on sticking with ALEKS for the time being and truly recommend it to both young and old (like me! ;) )  Can’t argue with results!