Fire Safety

You’re never too old to learn about fire safety!

We (my ten year old and four year old twins) recently went with our homeschool group to visit a fire station.

We had a really nice turn out.  I didn’t think it’d be a very long visit but I sure was wrong!  The fire station staff was amazing!  They really took the time to teach the kids some important fire safety tips.

What I felt was really important (and something that actually had not occurred to me!) is how scary a fireman may look to a child when all geared up and breathing through an oxygen mask.  Yikes!   So one of the kind fireman at the station got himself all geared up in front of the kids so that they could see he wasn’t a monster!  He told the kids that if ever they found themselves in a situation where they saw a fireman come towards them, that they should not be scared and run away but to in fact come closer to him if they could.

My oldest also volunteered to demonstrate what it’s like to be immobilized so if ever a kid were to find themselves on a board being tied down, they’d know why and that the EMT or fireman present is just trying to help.

Seriously brilliant!

My kids, of course, much preferred getting on the big red fire truck and trying on some of the really heavy gear that firemen wear.

When we got home we talked about our own fire escape strategy.  We showed them where all our smoke (and carbon monoxide) detectors are located and showed them where our fire extinguishers are located in the house.  I’m sure we’ll be talking about this for some time as the kids had quite a memorable visit to the fire station!