DIY Translucent Glass Painting

There’s something about Spring that makes me want to PURGE and super clean and CRAFT!

After having 7 inches of snow dumped on us a couple of weeks ago, it is absolutely wonderful to finally have warmer weather and see the first buds on our bushes and trees!

Usually this time of year I go through the kids closets and purge and redo drawers and decide on a home project for us to tackle.

This year we’re concentrating on the family room.  We spend so much time there, that it was high time we put some time and money into making it more comfortable (and purty!) for us.

I finally settled on a theme/color for the family room and dove right in!  Unfortunately (or is it fortunate?), I needed to get a bit creative.  You see, there’s this gorgeous glass pendant lighting fixture doodat that I really really wanted.  But there was no way I was willing to spend close to or over a hundred buckeroos on it!!  Sooo here is what I came up with.  I used Mod Podge, some paint, and a spray glaze.

and used:

I poured some paint in a small container and then put a smidge of mod podge on it.  I mixed it up real well and then used my sponge brushes (pic above) to spread it on the glass cups (or jugs or whatever glass piece you are using!).  Make sure there is more paint then mod podge as it thins out the color too much otherwise.  You may want to test the ratio on a piece you don’t mind messing up on!  I tested this first on two simple glass cups:

The one on the left has got a neat metallic sheen thanks to the metallic paint I used.  The one on the right is a blend of two non-metallic colors.  I really love the metalic look, although the other did blend nicely, too.

Also tested this method on a glass jug I saved because I loved the leaf design on it.  It used to contain apple juice:

I love that they all turned out translucent!  Perfect to try this technique on my final piece:


and hanging in the family room (please disregard the speaker in the back! lol):

We love love it!  And for about ten buckeroos we have a lovely (translucent!) glass pendant!  :)  One happy momma!

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