An Update

Time for an update (of sorts!) =)

My nearly four year olds (yikes! where has the time gone??) are trying to form words to read.  They are very interested in books right now.  They love opening their favorite picture book and pretend to read it out loud.  Very cute!

We’re using Alpha Phonics but are pacing ourselves real slow.  I only pull it out if they are interested and if they seem so inclined to sound out letters and form words.  They are, after all, not quite four so I don’t feel pressure or the need to push them into reading just yet.  Right now, we do what they enjoy when they enjoy it :)

Between that, crafting, gluing, playing preschool board games, and puzzles, I think they are doing well.  I truly love this age!  It’s easy and fun and not stressful at all!

They are little sponges!  I’ve had to tell my oldest to be super careful on what she says and how she speaks because they pick up  E V E R Y T H I N G !!  From the nuance to sarcasm!    Which, I have to admit, can at time be downright hilarious coming from a three year old’s mouth but still…  ;)

As for my oldest, my nearly ten year old girl -she is flourishing beautifully!  We are breezing through World History (SOTW volume 2) and are not very far from completing the book.  I’ve have researched American History to death and have finally come to a decision on how to teach/approach that subject (more on that in another post!).

My girl is loving her Zoology subject and that’s going very well!

We just started the second semester of Level 4 Winning with Writing -my girl groaned when she noticed there was ‘more’ writing to do.  Yep, not a fan of writing here.  But Winning with Writing is really great for the reluctant writer so we’re continuing to trek on with that.

We’re ever so close to completing level 5 in ALEKS math.  Just inching our way to the finish line there!  Very exciting :)

There’s more, I’m sure!  But our days are pretty routine and the girls appear to be flourishing and learning so I am one proud momma!