Two Awesome Resources

I wanted to talk about two incredible resources that I came across.  One for my wee little ones and one for my oldest girl.

Let’s start with the three year old’s new resource.  I came across EZTales a few weeks back and was rather impressed at the price.  At $1.99 a month, I figured I couldn’t go wrong giving it a try!  And try we did!  My three and a half year old twins absolutely LOVE it!  When I overheard them talking to each other about metamorphosis, I knew we had a keeper!

The songs repeat words over and over in a fun and easy to remember way!  Lots of classic nursery rhymes can be found there, along with some very neat and original songs teaching kids all kinds of things on various subjects.

I just noticed they now offer a one week free trial!  Check it out if you have a little one!!

The second awesome resource I’d like to mention is the Kno app!  I stumbled upon this quite by accident and am SO glad I did!  It’s available for the web, iPad, and Android devices.  I highly recommend a stylus if you have your child use this app.  Kno offers very affordable textbooks.

I’ve mentioned Science Fusion once before -they offer those books for very cheap!

What’s neat about this is, even if you don’t want to purchase any of the titles they offer, you can still use this with ebooks/pdf books!  THAT’S how I stumbled upon this app!  I hadn’t realized the app was installed on my tablet so when I dowloaded a pdf sample that I was looking into buying for my oldest girl, it asked if I wanted to open it in Kno.  I figured, why not?  And voila!!  I was quite impressed with it’s features.  You can highlight text, add notes, apparently even create index cards to study with!  You can share your notes with others, too.   Just watch this video to learn more:

And nope, no one paid me to talk about any of the above resources!  Just something I stumbled upon and wanted to share with others :)