Year Round Schooling

To school year round or not?

That is THEE question!

From a mother’s perspective I want, no, I need some downtime!  We all need downtime!

From the perspective of the child; what child wouldn’t want some downtime!?

But I have seen, from personal experience, that having too many days off -like two whole months in the summer off- be a very bad thing.

We have found that when we did take that long of a break, we ended up having to back track big-time because a lot of the material we covered had been forgotten.

Sooo what to do?  We still want to have us some fun in the summertime!  Going to the pool, having fun, outdoor outings, and plain being lazy and relaxing, right?  Right!  So we decided that we’d continue schooling year round but much much more lax.  If we decided to take a day or two off from schooling, that was fine!  If we didn’t want to learn anything new, then at least let’s not forget what we’ve learned and do some review worksheets on, say, math.  Do some fun summer journaling to practice our handwriting and not forget how to write creatively and descriptively.  Usually reviews took thirty minutes.  My girl has learned pretty quickly that if you don’t dilly dally and get it done, you’re done for the day and can go have fun and do whatever you want!  I have even found her get up early just to get her work done and out of the way!  In fact, she loves surprising me with what all she has completed before I come tumbling out of bed in the morning.  And then on those days in which she doesn’t feel up to doing anything, I don’t have a problem because I know she’ll likely do something tomorrow.  It just plain works for us :)

Some weeks were dedicated to reviewing material, moving forward a bit and some weeks just reviews, lots of reading and a day or two here and there with no school related subjects.  Some days, a hike was in order and scientific inquiry about nature took place.  Some days we decided to take up a cool and fun science experiment.

I found that we learned quite a lot during the summer months than I first thought.  And the neat thing is that we still always seem to be a bit ahead in subjects and have the time during the winter holidays to take a week off here and there to enjoy the season with family, as well, without hindrance to what we need to accomplish in the school year.  It just seems to work for us!  And without much effort, too!  So yes, year round schooling works for us.

I imagine it may not work for everyone, but we find it works great for us!