Schooling Little Little Ones

So my little ones will be turning three very very soon.  I can hardly believe it!  I remember when my oldest was turning three I was looking for a small school to enroll her in.

I remember that I was quite adamant she be enrolled.  My husband was not on board with the idea at that time, but he didn’t stop me from looking and enrolling her.  See, we lived in a teeny tiny rural town back then.  I didn’t know anyone there and I really felt bad that my child didn’t have any friends to play with.  I fell into the whole social trap.

In the end, it really wasn’t so bad because it gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge and school my girl.  And now that we’re nearing that same time frame where I did the looking to enroll my oldest in a part time school, I find myself giggling with glee that I don’t feel it necessary to enroll my almost three year olds into any sort of school environment.

We’re enrolled in a co-op for the oldest and I know there are several parents who have small ones so I am sure when the weather warms enough we’ll get to meet them at the park and my kids will experience ‘socialization’.  Although, to be quite frank, I think my little ones socialize just fine and I am not at all concerned about that factor.

My biggest fear of having two little ones is how in the world does one school twins!?  And do so when you have an older child as well?!   Well, I guess I should say –was– my biggest fear.  I don’t think I’m as concerned as I was when they were born!

I’ve noticed that the little ones have naturally been picking things up on their own, or with their older sister’s help, or with the quality time we as parents spend with them.  And it’s reinforced in me that I am doing the right thing, that we’re on the right path for us, and that we will succeed with these two, as well!

For the holidays, I’ve made a small request that family members not go heavy on the toy gifting and to try to find more fun educational ideas for the girls.  Granted, they still got a gazillion toys (ok, I’m exaggerating on the number but it sure feels that way!!), but they also got some really neat educational stuff!

I really love those bean bags!

And these!

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with those bean bags!  The girls know their colors, just about every shape and they know their ABC’s.  What I thought was really cool was when I realized they also knew the sound of each and every letter in the alphabet!  I give credit to The Super Why show for that!

I’ve printed out ABC coloring sheets, having sponge painted with the girls, and overall just have FUN!  There’s no formal learning whatsoever and that is how it will be for a good while.  Kids need to be kids!  Fun, being creative and imaginative is all they need.  The rest will come with time –naturally!

As to how to figure out the teaching stuff when they get older…  I’ll be honest, having three kids to teach IS overwhelming and I do worry, at times, whether I am doing enough and whether I will succeed in teaching them all that they need to know.  My husband keeps reassuring me that I am doing well, and that the results speak for themselves.  And so I look at my oldest and I see how much she is retaining, how much she knows, how well she articulates, what an avid reader she is and how she is definitely learning and I hold onto that.  I hold onto all that I SEE with my own two eyes and I know that it CAN be done and I will do it again two more times!

What an absolutely amazing adventure this is!  And what a great honor it is to be able to teach my girls and to be able to take pride that it was not a stranger that taught my children to read, to add, to multiply, and to think for themselves! :)