It’s been forever —

–since I last posted!

A lot has changed. Here’s what we’re currently using:

Growing with Grammar level 3 -we’re halfway through the book and she says it’s really fun, so that’s good!

Handwriting Without Tears cursive success -we completed the first cursive book so now it’s just a matter of practice, practice!

Almost done with our McGraw Hill Science book grade 3.  We’ll be moving on to Real Science 4 Kids Biology next!

Our eight year old has made it very clear that she’d like to be a zoologist when she grows up, so I feel we need to have a pretty good science foundation for her so we’re testing the waters with RS4K next!  We’ve also been interested in checking out Science Fusion but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to dive into something that pricey!  We’ll see how we do with RS4K and then decide.  It’s definitely something we’re interested in because our daughter loves using the computer to learn and it comes with a textbook and an online interactive portion to go with the lesson.  So definitely sounds interesting!

We’re using Story of the World for ancient history along with Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.  We love the awesome illustrations and the extra online bits we can find!  We also have added Richard Dawkins’ Magic of Reality to the  mix when the girl asks some really good questions in regards to ancient beliefs.  It’s been so fun flitting from book to book and the conversations are pretty awesome!  I  love how my girl thinks and I want to encourage her to be a freethinker!

Also picked up this neat Vocabulary book to help with her writing.  We’re still using 6+1 Traits of Writing along with a workbook.  The vocab book I got really has helped her learn more words and more exciting ways to write about something ordinary.

We’re doing geography and did start using a workbook I got for it, but I got back from the girl that it was boring and she just wasn’t interested in it.  And when one is not interested, one doesn’t learn so we changed things up!  We are using our Encarta Encyclopedia and looking up each state -then she takes a plain white sheet of paper, traces the state from a very cute book she got as a gift!  It’s a book written by kids for kids… I need to look up the name!  But it has some interesting facts on each state and she picks the ones she likes to add to her sheet, she colors it, she prints pictures from her Encarta Encyclopedia and voila!  She is soaking in the info, she knows state abbreviations and is learning!

We’re still using Spelling City for spelling, but we’ve put that on the back burner as we delve into our new words from the Vocab book.

We’re still practicing our typing and the girl got tired of using the free one I had posted about a while back, so we got her Mavis Beacon for kids.  I see the progress but I can tell you that this is not one of her favorite subjects!  I know this will be a useful tool for her so I keep reminding her of this and hopefully one day she will thank me for ‘making’ her practice her typing!

My girl has begged to learn Spanish so we’re using Rosetta Stone for Spanish -she loves it and is going at her own pace.

And we can’t forget our beloved ALEKS math is still being used!  Last I checked, the girl has completed about 85% of grade level 4 math.

We have co-op every week (or rather, it’s going from twice a month to almost every Friday) and are doing R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Earth & Space, Living Math History and Art Appreciation.

I think that covers pretty much all of what we are using unless I missed something, in which case I’ll return later to add it!