Handy Dandy Essentials

Here’s a list of some things I feel is handy to have for homeschooling:


  • laminate machine  -handy in so many ways!  I have made my own flash cards, multiplication cards, ABC cards…  very handy dandy to have around!
  • printer/scanner or photocopy machine
  • lots and lots of paper!  I don’t buy lined paper.  I print my own and save money that way!


  • three hole punch
  • stapler
  • notebooks and looseleaf -TIP:  buy notebooks AFTER the school sale.  I stocked up on notebooks when they were 12 cents (yes you read right!!) after the mad rush parents have to buy school supplies.  Most places like Target or WalMart will reduce the prices significantly and that is when we usually stock up on supplies.
  • pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, paints , scissors, construction paper
  • electric pencil sharpener
  • abacus -Don’t use it anymore but was REAL handy for first and second grade!
  • chalk board or dry erase board
  • alligator clips
  • paper clips -we use these like crazy!!!  We use them as bookmarks, as reminders, you name it we use it!
  • laptop or desktop pc with internet
  • folder/file organizers -has many many uses!  Very handy dandy!
  • microscope
  • Library card!