Changing things up!

  That’s right!  Time to change things up! Last year was filled with a lot of change for us all.  Lots of things to adjust to here.   And that includes schooling!

Eldest has found herself in a rut.  A lot of things she’s been using has been working just fine.  However, she’s gotten very “blah” about it and so we needed to find something that would, once again, excite her and pique her interest once more.  I’ve noticed that if you truly enjoy what you are doing, you are more apt to soak in the information you are trying to learn.  So, a-researching I did go.

I wanted to incorporate her love of reading and I wanted to find something that would continue to nurture the love of reading.  Enter:  Build Your Library.

I loved the Charlotte Mason style of learning but never knew how to do so with secular material, so when a friend introduced me to BYL I found it quite intriguing.

I’ve researched it, viewed samples, spoke to others that have used it and loved it and decided to take the plunge!  We have started BYL Grade 8 with the eldest.  AND I’ve started started BYL Grade 1 with my two little ones.

Because we haven’t actually delved into SoTW (Story of the World), I thought it wise to begin with Grade 1 and not jump into Grade 2 even though technically the twins will be starting 2nd grade.  From everything I’ve read, it is more level and not grade specific, so we’re good.

There are several other things that we’ll be continuing to do along with BYL.

8th Grader:
Wordly Wise online (she’s actually doing Grade 9)
Latin Alive
American History
Physics & Chemistry (using several reference books)
Writing With Skills Level 2 (almost done with 1!)

For my 2nd Graders:
Singapore Math
Explode the Code
Handwriting Without Tears

Co-op next school year for the oldest: Civics 2, Big History (Science), Speech class

Co-op for next school year for the younger two: Art within Literature and a Science Engineering class

Oldest will also be continuing Show Choir classes, 4-H interest clubs, and Nature Classes.  I will start getting the younger two involved in 4-H, as well.  And one of the twins will be starting violin lessons using the Suzuki Method.

So that’s the plan.  But, as all things, we will need to remain capable of adapting to any changes that may be needed.  One day at a time!  ;)