Typing Program

So we’ve been doing the Type 2 Learn (by Sunburst) for a month.  They offer a free trial.  My girl enjoyed it the first few times, but then I could tell she just wasn’t interested in doing it.  When our trial ended, I did not go and purchase it.

I asked her what about it she didn’t like.  She told me that it was annoying lol  I asked for more information and she explained that it frustrated her to no end to have to redo the entire lesson if she got one thing wrong.

What bugged me was the animation.  It seemed a bit over the top and a waste of a lot of time.

So anyway, we did not buy the program.  We came across Dance Mat Typing -which is FREE and figured we’d give it a shot before we started looking for something else we could buy.  My girl seems to like it a lot!  She said it was nice not having to redo everything if she made a typing error and it was more straight forward and easier to follow.  She also said, and I quote, “If I enjoy doing it, I don’t mind doing it!”  hehe  how true that is!!  Dance Mat Typing gets two thumbs up from me then!