Science4Us Review

Science4Us asked if I could review their Early Elementary online science program.  I have actually looked at their website several times and wondered about their program, so I was so excited to be given the opportunity to test it out with my little girls.

Right off the bat, I absolutely loved the freedom to choose whether to work with Physical science, Inquiry, Life science, or Earth/Space.  This ended up being AMAZING for me because I have twins and quite frankly I was worried going through the same lesson twice in one day would be rather boring for this mom.  Luckily each of my girls chose a totally different science to learn and we ended up sitting on the couch together -all three of us!

A was working on Earth/Space and her sister would stay quiet and listen and watch while A did the activities and answered questions.  We would, however, all discuss the topics together.  Then we switched and B is working on Life Science and she would answer the questions and do the activities while A watched and listened next to us.

The girls absolutely love this program!  So much so that they wanted to do “just one more” and not want to get off.  Which, in my book, means this is a HUGE hit and the best part?  They were actually learning while having fun!

There were a few new-to-them topics and ideas.  Like the alphabetical order of words they learned in a lesson.  That was not something I had yet taught them but after doing two together, they totally ‘got it’ and did the next one all on their own.

Another favorite was the “Silly Bulls Syllables” – something that was also new to them but they picked up on rather quickly and absolutely love doing.

There are so very many wonderful aspects for this program!  I loved how it’s so visual and redundant in a way that isn’t boring or annoying.  It totally captures their attention and when daddy comes home from work, they go on and on about all that they have learned that day.  Hearing them retell what they have learned with this online program means to me that this is one science program that WORKS!

Cons?  I can only think of one con – my girls were excited and ready to answer questions but sometimes it talks too much and my girls get annoyed that they can’t ‘hit/click’ the right answer fast enough and move forward.  They need to be patient and wait for the talking to end.  Which is also a pro really – most little ones can’t read very fluently at this age so, personally, I love that it talks to the child and the child can do it themselves.  But I guess some children are just impatient (like mine! heh).  So I guess this isn’t such a huge con and it surely isn’t a make it or break it thing.

We absolutely hope to continue using this program!  It’s working and my girls are excited to learn!

Over the last 30 days, I have sat with my girls and reviewed Science4Us is an engaging,elementary science curriculum that teaches science using a fun, interactive approach. If you have your own blog and would like to review Science4Us, check out their homeschool review program.