My Place in the World

Look what I made for my girls!

another view:

I’ve been searching high and low for something like this ever since I spotted one on Pinterest.  However, the really nice ones all cost moola and I just could not afford that right now.  I gotta say, though, after spending hours and hours tweaking and creating this, I have a lot more respect to those who request money for their printables and ready-made projects like this one and would be more than willing to pay them!

Since this is not in any way perfect, I am offering this as a FREE download to anyone who wants it for their own kids!

Here’s another pic of my girls working on theirs:

I looked online for the planets for the girls to color and cut-out.  You can even do a google map of your city/town and print that for your child.  Use your imagination, get creative!  Lots of ideas out there :)

I compiled together the files you can use.  To download the files please click here.  Enjoy!!