Celebrating Success

Today is the first-ever blog hop at SecularHomeschool.com. We’ll be doing a blog hop celebrating our successes!  So without further ado — here is my post:

I absolutely cannot believe that my two little ones will be turning six this month!  Biggest accomplishment?  They are clearly reading!!

The other day I was getting dinner ready and I overheard the two littles discussing what was on the calendar.  See, I have this huge dry-erase calendar where I update it with events, field trips, co-op functions, etc.  And I had gone ahead and entered “zoo” with a question mark on a date.

The girls have been begging to visit the zoo.  They’ve gone Wild Kratts cah-razy and all they ever talk about is this animal and that animal and how they want to see REAL animals!  So, I decided to tentatively schedule a visit to the zoo weather-permitting.

Well, while prepping dinner, I hear the following conversation:

T.A.:  Look!

T.B.: It says ZOO!  Right?

T.A.: I think so.  Z. O. O. spells zoo!

T.B.:  No.  It’s zoo but there’s a question mark.

T.A.: So are we going to the zoo?

T.B.: I think so!  Maybe?

And I am trying so hard not to laugh while hearing this conversation.  Sure enough, I admitted that we were indeed planning on going.

Well, so much for surprises!  No more writing surprises on the calendar!

Pretty cool that they can read!  They have a ways to go but I feel so incredibly accomplished.  There are days when I feel like I am not doing enough, not doing good enough, just plain could be doing better.  And then there are days like this when I clearly see my little ones are capable of reading and I know it is because I sit with them and have been teaching them.

Makes me happy.  A definite win for this mom!


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