Happy 2015!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!!   For us it had been an absolute whirlwind filled with busy activities and lots of family time.  As much fun as it was, I am glad it’s all over and we can get back to our old routine!

We do school throughout Summer and it paid off for my oldest -she got quite a lot of time off between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  We did a few subjects here and there, but it was subjects she thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to doing.  More on that later!

For now, I would like to reveal to you what we finally ended up doing with all of our posters!  We had a big blank wall and dear hubby really didn’t want a bunch of holes in our newly fixed and freshly painted wall so we took our time trying to figure out how to display our large posters.

My biggest issue was having SO MANY posters to display and not enough wall space!  What I wanted was a way to easily rotate posters as they were needed.  So, for example, if I were working on the table of elements, I wanted to display that poster and remove the earth science poster that was not currently needed.  See?  Easily changeable as needed without adding a ton of holes on the wall due to different sized posters.

Hubby and I came up with a few ideas and we dismissed them after much going back and forth.  We thought of velcro, of strips of magnet like the valance idea we had.  But none were quite right.

In the end, we decided to go with thin magnetic panels called MagPanels.  They come in all kinds of neat options (like rounded corners, several color options, customized size, etc. – NOTE: if you order through them, try to get smaller pieces to put together to save on shipping!!  You do not want to pay freight prices!)

We absolutely postitutely love love our MagPanels!

MagPanels in bone white and square corners

For magnets, we ended up purchasing some neodymium magnets and glued them to simple glass gems (can be found at any craft store!).  I picked mine up at WalMart for very cheap.  We tried Super Glue and Gorilla Glue but maaan those magnets are strong and whenever I went to readjust a magnet, the glass gem popped off the magnet!  In the end, we got some cement adhesive and that has seemed to bond really well without coming off.

The magnets are so strong, that when the kids run down the hall I know the posters won’t fall off!  Which is why I highly recommend using neodymium magnets!

Our school room has undergone several tweaks since its reveal.   We ended up needing more bookshelves for, well, books!  And our school room is now also our legos room!  Due to the way we organized the space, we now have a great open area that works really well for the girls to spread out and build and create their lego creations!

Here’s how the room looks now:

Note the plastic tubs under the Solar System! Legos are stored there.

Hubby hacked two bookcases to make one double wide one to fit the space!

I’ll be posting more about what we’ve all been doing school-wise in another post!  For now, I wish you all a very wonderful 2015!!  And I am looking forward to sharing more on our homeschooling journey with you through 2015 :)