The Verbal Math Lesson Review

My five year olds are really getting the whole addition and subtraction concept.  We’re constantly talking about math concepts!

I overheard a conversation my twins were having.  Twin A “I have four pieces of fishie crackers and I eat one all up!  How many do I have now?”  And Twin B responds with “Three!”

So see?  They get it!  I bet the fact that we’ve been playing a lot with our math game, or playing with our cuisenaire rods has tremendously helped them grasp these concepts!

When asked to review a new, to me, concept math book, I was happy to do so because anything that would help and enhance their math learning experience would be awesome in my book!

The Verbal Math Lesson books are geared towards 5 year olds and go up all the way to 10 year olds!  No pencil or paper is required!  You heard right.  All of this is done verbally with your kids!

So I started with book 1 which is geared towards 5-7 year olds.  The first few pages were super easy for my girls to grasp!  We flew through it and we found it to be a very relaxing approach.  See, my girls are still learning and even struggling with their writing.  We practice a lot, but they don’t like writing much.  I don’t want to push them to write and so unfortunately, we’ve had to put our Singapore Kindergarten book on the back burner for now.  I didn’t want to be the one entering all their math answers.  I really want them to do it and they were getting rather frustrated with not being able to write certain numbers.  So, enter The Verbal Math Lesson!

What is so neat about this book is that even though my girls don’t like writing their numbers, they can still learn math and continue to expand their mathematical knowledge!

All you need to do is sit down with your kids -in a relaxed, non-stressful setting- and just read from the book.  An example would be, “We had 2 pictures on the wall and put up no new pictures.  How many pictures are on the wall?”

Introducing the concept of zero was a LOT of fun for them!

learning who is first, which is second, who is "before" who, who is "behind" who, etc.

After a lesson, they’d pull out their number foams and dolls and would show me visually the concepts they’d learned!  And this was without prompting from me!

It was just awesome hearing them randomly say things, like at the dinner table, how I ate the last bite and now I have zero food on my plate!  It was obviously clicking with them!

I highly recommend these books if your child is reluctant to write and gets exasperated with worksheets!  Visit The Verbal Math Lesson for more information!


The company sent me The Verbal Math Lessons books to review.  All of the opinions expressed here are my own.