Subjects Revisited & Looking Forward

I absolutely cannot believe that we’re nearing the end of July!  Where has the time gone!?  Seriously, I thought Summer was just beginning and here we are nearing its end.  On the bright side, August doesn’t usually get cooler so we’ll have more hot and humid days ahead!

So what have we been up to?  Well, mostly enjoying our Summer!  Yup, we’re still schooling here.  Schooling really never ends for us.  We have taken a day or two off here and there.  We’ve had pool days, and just wanna do nothing days, and even let’s go out and have a good time days.  And then we’ve had let’s get some schooling done days.  Overall, it has been fairly lax so not too many complaints.

I’ve been busily getting stuff set for the new school year.  I have everything we need curriculum-wise, book-wise, and co-op-wise.  I think we’re all set there.  Girls got new backpacks for co-op and carschooling, some much needed supplies that we were running low on, and some new books that we’ll need for co-op.  So I think we’re pretty much set for things to go back to their ‘ol routine.  I’m not yet sure when we’re going to buckle down again.  Probably end of August.  We’ll see!

So as it stands now, here’s what we’ll be using going forward:

Oldest -6th grade:

Mosdos Press Pearl Set for literature

Writing With Skill for writing

Spelling City -we’ll be dropping Soaring with Spelling as it’s gotten way too easy and I don’t want to invest in another book.  Instead, we’ll be jotting down misspelled words in a binder and accumulate our own spelling list of words that I’ll be plugging into Spelling City so she can practice it.

Grammar -going to take a break from Growing with Grammar and grammar in general.  We might revisit this subject to make sure it hasn’t been forgotten but it’s become so redundant and “boring” (her words, not mine!).

ALEKS math -we’re doing middle school math (6th grade) and we’re actually halfway through it.  We’re taking it slow and keeping it at her pace.  There’s definitely progress but slow progress since we’re doing a lot of review this summer.

American History using Joy Hakim’s History of US.  I also purchased Build Your Library‘s Book of Centuries and Timeline Figures.  We’ll go ahead and backtrack a bit as a review so we can fill in our timeline.  I just got this printed the other day so we’ll likely be doing that soon and then move on.  We’ve gotten really lax (read: hardly did any) on this subject this summer.  Yah, bad us, I know.  A review is in order!

Science -we’re doing Elemental Science‘s Biology for the Logic Stage.  We’re doing this with a good friend and her two kids and have actually started it this Summer.  We’ll just keep going with this until we complete it.

Extras:  Duolingo for Spanish, Latin, Art, and Famous Composers

Co-op starts in September and she’ll be doing: Art History, Mythology, and a math class based on The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure.


As for the little monkey’s..  They’ll be ‘officially’ be going into Kindergarten (eeek! where has the time gone!?).  I’ve got some solid ideas on what I’ll be doing with them, but honestly, nothing incredibly structured.

Lots of hands on play with Cuisenaire Rods.  We’ve already been doing this for some time and I have to say they are picking up some ‘math’.  I cannot recommend enough this website: Education Unboxed.  We’ve also got a fun puzzle game that incorporates addition and subtraction so the girls have definitely picked up those concepts from playing this game with me.  We’re fairly lax but games seem to be really helping them ‘get it’.

I also picked up Miquon The Orange Book and hope to start that mid-school year.  We’ll see how it goes.  Definitely no set goal to get it done.  Kinda going at their pace.  We’re also still working on Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Math.  Our biggest obstacle in completing this book is number writing, so we’re practicing writing letters and numbers using Handwriting Without Tears.

We’ve also been using a variety of books to learn how to read.  We have so sooo  many different books (Alpha Phonics, 100 Easy Lessons, Hooked on Phonics, Bob Books, and on and on), so we float through them all and I let the little ones choose what they want to use.  Like I said -lax and easy going here.  No rush or pressure to have them reading.

With my oldest, I was so worried she wouldn’t read.  I felt the pressure.  It was pressure I put on myself and I am sure my kid felt it, too.  She learned how to read by age five.  I have noticed over the years that kids pick things up almost naturally.  They have a natural curiosity to the world around them and if naturally led to these things, they are more apt to pick it up and with far less a struggle.  If they’re not reading by age 7, then I’ll start freaking out lol  But for now, naaah.  It’ll be ok :)

The little ones will be attending co-op for the first time this school year.  They are actually very much looking forward to it!  They keep asking if it’s September tomorrow.  Ha!

Their co-op classes will be: Music & Movement, Art, and Introduction to Science -lots of hands on fun activities for them!

I do believe that wraps up what’s in store for us in the new school year.  I’m actually ready to get back to our old routine!  The kids?  Not so much!