Summer Update

We’ve been keeping fairly busy this Summer.  Between activities, homeschool get togethers, playdates, and keeping up with schooling it has been indeed cah-razy busy!

However, I have come across some fun ways to keep the schooling going without being met with hiss-boo-blah about still having to do school during the Summer months.

Instead of doing the Logic Perplexors, we’ve opted to do some Logic fun games!  There’s truly so many out there and I am itching to get my hands on several more but we started with this one because I can also play this game with my five year olds.

Ever heard of Mindware’s Qwirkle?  It’s really super fun to play!  My oldest and I play this all the time now!  And with the twins, we don’t count points or anything.  It’s a wee bit challenging for the little ones but it’s definitely doable if you’re patient and are able to guide them in the beginning.

my daughter and I playing out on the patio table

We got the travel version because we love the portability!

As for my young’uns.  I got them some Cuisenaire Rods to play with.  I found an amazing website that I will be using a lot to implement teaching the little ones math.  More on this another time!  For now, I leave you with these pics:

I hope you’re enjoying your Summer!  Stay cool and stay tuned for more info on the c-rods ;)